Browsing the internet for long enough, I quickly found that the fastest way to gain the deepest understanding of all human knowledge (and beyond) was to study the greatest polymaths one could find. Criteria for judging them as such include: interdisciplinary, clarity, demonstration of critical thinking and respect for the reader.

1. G. Spencer Brown, metamathematics, mysticism, reality theory, east-west union

2. Ken Wilber, post-metaphysics, reality theory, integral theory, east-west union, transpersonal and  cultural development

4. JT Fraser, theory and history of time

5. Adrian Bejan, fractals

6. Terence Mckenna, humanities, psychedelia, transcension, cultural development

7. Paul Rosenberg, virtue ethics and moral clarity, writing, crypto-anarchy

8. Christopher Langan, cybernetics, grammar theory, graph theory, model theory, complexity theory, reality theory

9. John Smart, complexity theory

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